Love Your Mother

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Earth... that is. I went and did a little etsy browsing looking for some items which are not only handmade, but upcycled too... even Mother Earth could use a post-Valentine's hug, don't you think?
1. Envelopes recycled from old magazines 2. Soap Dish from recycled records 3. Cufflinks from recycled skateboards 4. Mod Green Clutch recycled from vintage quilt fabric 5. Peasant Dress from vintage fabrics 6. Coasters recycled from skateboards

On a totally different track... check out the Mostly Mod blog where I am featured with her Best Blog Award! Thanks so much Miss Aimee... your blog is pretty fab too! 

** Just added** That fabulous clutch so many of you have commented on? You can win it at therikrakstudio. Fabulous blog... and a chance to win this great clutch (and other prizes too!)

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