Dearest Valentine

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dearest Valentine,
I know you are a secret blog reader because you comment on mine each night at dinner, so I thought this would be a perfect spot to drop a few Valentine hints. Yes, I know don't go over the top for Vday, but just thought I'd pass along these simple ideas (all of which cost less than a bouquet of flowers, but will last much longer).
I found these earrings, and just thought they would look so nice on a night out with you...  did I mention their name? The Kate Earring. See? Must be a sign.
While I'm truly pining away for her gorgeous Katie necklace, Babbette's bobbypins would help curb that need just a bit.
And remember that gorgeous cuckoo clock that I desperately wanted to buy from Anthropologie? The one you told me to wait until it went on sale? But it never did and it just finally disappeared? Well, this one might just work as a subsititute.
Oh, and one more thing... my homemade salsa you like so much? Wouldn't it look so much nicer in these bowls? I thought so too.
Anyway, my love, just remember I love you and really just being able to say that you're mine is gift enough. In case you ever forget, though, we could get this print to remind you. (oh, did I slip another one in? oops).

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  1. Karena8:02 PM

    The earrings are on my list!!