Bee Mine

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I hate Sponge Bob, I hate Dora and I hate Scooby Doo.... Valentines that is. I'm just not a fan of the big commercialism of kids valentines. What happened to pulling out your markers, scissors and glue and making a big mess while expressing your love for your friends? I refuse to just rip open a box and call that Valentines. I. just. refuse.

So, each year we make homemade Valentines. Yes, it takes longer than just running to Target but it's worth it if you ask me. Our valentines this year were really simple and required only stuff I already had lying around: pipe cleaners, glue, googly eyes, foam paper and lollipops.

Just start with yellow and black pipe cleaners (cut to 6"). Bend the black pipe cleaner to make the body of a bee.

Wrap the yellow pipe cleaner around the body (cutting off the excess) and add eyes. Just make one bee for each valentine (this step took the 2 of us maybe 30 minutes).

Jackbird cut out hearts from paper while I cut out leaves from green. We used craft foam paper, but you could easily use construction paper if you have that lying around.

Then just glue a flat lollipop in the center of the heart and add green leaves to the "stem." Glue the bee using craft glue.

We just wrote "Bee Mine" on the front. 

Simple, yet homemade Valentines. This project probably took a total of an hour to complete. 

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