8 Weeks To Go... The Art Studio

Monday, February 09, 2009

When we were house shopping 4 years ago, I had just a few stipulations. I wanted a space to convert into a playroom (as you saw last week) and I needed an art studio space. Everyone in our family does something artistic and I wanted to have room for us to do it. When I spied the 4th bedroom in this house, I knew I could make it a creative space. 

I ripped out the carpet and simply painted the plywood subfloor in a diamond pattern. This has been such a blessing because whenever you have kids and paint in the same room, you're going to have spills. I don't stress about glitter, glue, whatever. I can always paint over it.

The space also has to work as a guest bedroom, so we have a queen size Murphy bed that lives in that large wooden cabinet you see in the first picture. Having this space function in two ways is a bit of a challenge, but I figure anyone who stays at my house has to be a little laid back.
You can see the kids art desk my father created (it hinges up so you can use it as an easel). The closet on the right is purposely left more empty as I have a removable closet bar for when guests need to hang clothing.

The area on the right is my main workspace. I have wires strung across the wall to showcase family art projects.

Any ideas of how I can make this space a little more fun? Also, short of painting it, how can I make that tall cabinet (which houses the murphy bed) a little less conspicuous?

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