What Can I Do NOW?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful - temperatures in the high 60s. Just the right temperature for yard work and bike rides to the park. Now today we've had an ice storm and there's no school. Crazy weather.

So, you know the question by this afternoon from my kids will be WHAT CAN WE DO NOW {insert whiny voice here}. My solution? The Boredom Box.

It's just a simple box, I had my dad make mine. He's retired and needs projects... strike that, he needs LOTS of projects (at least according to my mom). He just used some scrap wood and made a simple box with a lid. He even painted it (did I mention he's retired?). I had him put a little lock on it to make it seem somewhat more mysterious. 

Each week I put different project supplies. It could be art supplies for an art project we found in Family Fun Magazine, or it could be a puzzle or it could be a scavenger hunt list and a camera. Sometimes it's new things or times it's old toys that have been put away only to be rediscovered. Each time we open the box, however, it's like a treasure has been discovered. All the excitement and wondering of what we'll find inside.

Today's boredom box will hold glue, tissue paper & collage supplies we need to work on Miss Aimee's art project

You can make your own box - it doesn't have to be made of wood. An old cardboard box that's been decorated will do the trick just fine. Just make sure it's big enough; mine is big enough to hold a large sheet of art paper or a small art canvas.

What will your boredom box hold?

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