Thursday, January 01, 2009

So... I've been thinking about starting a blog. And what better time, I might ask that January 1st? A new year, a new blog. It sounds just. about. perfect. right?

So I've been toiling and thinking about this very first posting - what shall I talk about. What's interesting about me? What will people read about? And all the while I'm thinking, I'm chopping vegetables (for the NYE spread) and that's when it happens. I look down and there I've nearly cut off a large piece of my thumb (damn that multi-tasking I'm so proud of). After debating numerous times about whether or not to run to the emergency room (with 2 children in tow) I decide against it. My husband bandages me up and we hope for the best.

Of course, the band-aids we have on hand are of the Hello Kitty and Finding Nemo variety. Not very fashionable. Which got me thinking... what do those very fashionable people wear after nicking off a part of a finger? So, I thought I'd take a peek into the "band-aid fashions" of today.

Who knew there were so many choices? Things to consider having on hand just in case of an emergency on your way to the ball...

Alexandre Herchcovitch has designed some nice band aids,
A set of fashionable band aids.
as has Marc Jacobs. 

I could always go the route of Bai Ling who uses bandages to make statements on the Red Carpet.

My final option is to make a quick run to Europe to grab of one of Fabian Seibert's designs which incorporates Swarovski crystals... wish me luck.

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